Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Could you do the official [insert Pokémon here] event from the [insert occasion here]?

A: Sorry, but probably not. Part of the point of PFEC is that the events are new and completely fan-created. We may run some event-only Legends on occasion, but they won't match any official events, because those are Nintendo events and we wouldn't feel right appropriating them. Besides, there are plenty of ways for you to get official event Pokémon should you desire - one of which is to run SendPKM (the code that makes PFEC work) yourself.

Q: Along with Pokémon, will this site also host event items (Azure Flute, Oak's Letter, etc) for distribution?

A: Potentially. While we can only distribute Pokémon right now, they can easily be holding the items in question, and there's nothing saying that someone won't crack the GTS Mystery Gift protocol in a few weeks anyway. ;) That said, as with question #1, we'll only give out an event item that has never been released by a Nintendo event, because otherwise the Pokémon would be indistinguishable from a "legit" Pokémon of that species, which we want to avoid. So, Azure Flute? Quite possibly. Oak's Letter? Probably not.

Q: I tried to download the Pokémon and it worked, but when I tried again it gave me an "unable to connect" error. Why?

A: We actually check that a given game (identified by its GTS ID) can only download a given event Pokémon once. We may be changing this in the future (especially for non-Legendary events).

Q: Are these Pokémon legal? Are they legit?

A: All our Pokémon pass Legal.exe (the progam usually used to check for legality) and should be safe to use without risk of it somehow marking your cartridge as that of a hacker. That said, they are not legit; each Pokémon available here was created in Pokesav specifically for its event, and any Pokémon that's been sent identically to hundreds of people is not going to count as "legit" on principle, unless it's considered a "kosher" event. You should make your own judgement over whether getting these Pokémon in this way counts as acceptable or unacceptable to you.